Accepted Papers

Below is the list of accepted papers, to be presented at ALIA 2016. Papers accepted as part of the ALIA Doctoral Workshop will be announced later. Also be sure to check out the keynotes.


Combining ethnic segregation and migration: A Schelling model with immigration dynamics
Linda Urselmans


subCULTron – Cultural development as tool in underwater robotics
Ronald Thenius, Serge Kernbach, Igor Kuksin, Olga Kernbach, Elena Kuksina, Nikola Miskovic, Stjepan Bogdan, Tamara Petrovic, Anja Babic, Frederic Boyer, Vincent Lebastard, Stephane Bazeille, Graziano William Ferrari, Elisa Donati, Riccardo Pelliccia, Donato Romano, Cesare Stefanini, Matteo Morgantin, Alexandre Campo and Thomas Schmickl.


The Self-Generating Model: an Adaptation of the Self-organizing Map for Intelligent Agents and Data Mining

Amy de Buitléir, Mark Daly and Mike Russell.


Artificial Life Simulator using Genetic Algorithms
Benjamin G. Fitch, Karsten Lundqvist and Patrick Parslow


Capturing Human Intelligence for Modelling Cognitive-based Clinical Risk Assessment
Ali Rezaei-Yazdi and Christopher Buckingham


A Modal Logic Analysis of a Line-Following Robot
Steve Battle and Matt Thompson.


A grammar-directed fitness-based multi-agent search algorithm and comparisons with Grammatical Evolution on variations of the Santa Fe Trail Problem
William Teahan


GCG Aviator: A Decision Support Agent for Career Management
Alina Patelli, Peter Lewis, Hai H. Wang, Ian Nabney, David Bennett and Ralph Lucas.


Modular Games AI Benchmark
Benjamin Williams, James Jackson, Jason Hall and Christopher Headleand


Designing Human-like Procedural Behaviour for Games Characters
Jason Hall, Llyr Ap Cenydd and Chris Headleand


A Practical Introduction to Modal Logic
Steve Battle




ALIA is a vibrant symposium bringing together Artificial Life and Intelligent Agents research, which have significant scope for cross-pollination of ideas and techniques.

ALIA 2016 will be a two-day event held at Aston University in central Birmingham in the UK, on the 14th and 15th June 2016. read more

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